24 May, 2013THE NEW YORK TIMES, Steve Smith

Cantata Profana: Monteverdi Madrigals

"For “Volgendo il ciel” and “Movete,” from Monteverdi’s “Madrigali Guerrieri e Amorosi,” Cantata Profana became a stylish early-music ensemble, abetted by a lyrical tenor, Scott Mello, and a harmonious vocal quintet."

20 March, 2013SAN DIEGO STORY, Ken Herman

Bach Collegium San Diego: Handel Messiah

"Tenor Scott Mello sustained his velvet legato with such calm assurance, I began to think he didn’t need to breathe, but when called upon to sing a furious recitative, he proved marvellously frightening."

28 June, 2011MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO, Julie Amacher

Apollo's Fire: Come to the River, An Early American Gathering on Avie Records (AV2205)

"Tenor Scott Mello yearns for a lost love in the traditional Southern Appalachian ballad, 'Old Virginny'. Mello entrances the listener with his mellifluous voice."

13 June, 2011OPERA WEST, David Gregson

Bach Collegium San Diego: Purcell Dido & Aeneas

"First of all, the cast was astonishingly good...I liked tenor Scott Mello very much as Aeneas: lovely voice, fine diction."

01 June, 2011EARLY MUSIC AMERICA, Karen Cook

Bach Sinfonia: Bach Motets on Dorian Sono Luminus (DSL-92119)

"This latest release from Bach Sinfonia, the Washington, DC, ensemble directed by Daniel Abraham, has taken on a mighty challenge: the entirety of the Bach motets. They have emerged victorious indeed...“Gute Nacht, o Wesen” is an absolute standout on the recording thanks to the stellar blend, diction, and emotive singing of the soprano, alto, and tenor concertists."

09 May, 2011NOT FOR FUN ONLY: Fun and Enlightenment in San Francicso, Axel Feldheim

American Bach Soloists: Bach Magnificat in D Major

"Tenor Scott Mello was fluid and buoyant in his aria"

01 May, 2010THE BALTIMORE SUN, Tim Smith

American Opera Theater: Handel Jephtha

"All the performers seemed deeply into this version, communicating vividly. Scott Mello, in the title role, phrased with admirable sensitivity...He shaped the oratorio's most famous number, "Waft her, angels, through the skies," with considerable eloquence."

08 March, 2010DMV CLASSICAL, Andrew Lindemann Malone

Bach Sinfonia: The Complete Bach Motets

"...tenor Scott Mello kept Bach’s counterpoint aloft like a feather on a breath."

11 December, 2009ClevelandClassical.com, Daniel Hathaway

Apollo's Fire: Christmas Vespers - The Music of Michael Praetorius

“tenors Marc Molomot and Scott Mello...dispatched challenging lines of their own with cool professionalism.”

13 June, 2009CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, Donald Rosenberg

Apollo's Fire: Come the the River - An Early American Gathering

"Wild Bill Jones," a ballad that tenor Scott Mello sings with fierce (even violent) passion."

30 January, 2009CoolCleveland.com, Kelly Ferjutz

Apollo's Fire: Dido & Aeneas

"tenor Scott Mello being appropriately tipsy and nicely vocal as the [sailor]"

07 December, 2007CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, Donald Rosenberg

Apollo's Fire: Christmas Vespers - The Music of Michael Praetorius

"...tenor Scott Mello [was] sonorous and alive to text."

17 October, 2006CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, Donald Rosenberg

Apollo's Fire: Bach and Mozart Salute Apollo

“They were joined by three superb singers…Scott Mello's light tenor switched gears effortlessly between the flamboyant Pan (Bach) and dignified Oebalus (Mozart)”

13 October, 2006WCLV 104.9 FM, Jerome Crossley

Apollo's Fire: Bach and Mozart Salute Apollo

"Tenor Scott Mello has a winningly lucid voice."

08 August, 2006MONTEREY HERALD, Nathalie Plotkin

Carmel Bach Festival: Virgina Best Adams Fellows Concert of Bach and Handel Arias

"[Scott Mello's] stance is a model of professional ease and his vocal production is smooth and even. He very adeptly added flavorful Baroque embellishments to a most enjoyable, yet carefully and intellectually shaped "Every Valley" from Handel's "Messiah." As an illuminating further display of his musical understanding, in the aria "Jesu lass durch Wohl und Weh" from the Bach Cantata BWV 182, Mello sensitively captured the somber mood of the text. One day, he might well make a fine Bach Festival 'Evangelist'."

15 March, 2002CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, Donald Rosenberg

Oberlin Opera Theater: Stravinsky's "The Rake's Progress"

"Wednesday's cast which alternates tonight and Sunday with another set of principals, was headed by Scott Mello, who found the willfulness and sensitivity in Tom Rakewell. Mello's tenor sounded fresh, and he enunciated crisply."